Weekend Writing Prompt- Fabric

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The fabric of human society, like a mosaic, is composed of many colorful tiles of vivid hues. These colors represent us all. we come from different places, countries, regions and cultures. Together we make a complete picture. Now that the world has shrunk to a global village, we can find most cultures represented in a small segment of our society. This colorful patchwork is what makes life on this earth beautiful.

The boundaries are disappearing between different cultures and ethnicity. What we need, is a compelling necessity of recognizing that we all are, under the skin the same. The color of our skin may be different and our cultures may be divergent, but we are the same as in that we all feel pleasure and pain in similar things and experiences circumstances.

Word count; 131

( This Prompt reminded me that I had written a post long ago on this topic, the fabric of human society. Here’s an extract from that post )



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