Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #63- Up in the air


FFFCWelcome to “Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge.”

The image below is from Tim Short at the USA Today Network.24EA7636-3C7D-49BF-AD68-D3B1E9ED8C50(For the visually challenged writer, the photo shows an orange beam of light on the horizon that is reflected in the lake water below at dusk)



Still falling……

When will it end, it thought?

The surface looked close enough from the jump point, but it was taking ages to hit the water.

Entity 303 wasn’t happy at all the exposure the light-strike was attracting towards itself.

Meanwhile, light-strike was still falling….

At last, it hit the water with a slight splash. And entity 303 breathed a sigh of relief.

But the next day, the social media was alive with the photos of the light-strike’s landing. People were speculating about the mysterious arc and the entity had to think out a strategy to wipe the memory of so many people.

Problems, problems!




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