Blogging Insights # 26

Dr. Tanya is the host of the Blogging Insights series.

This is the 26th Blogging Insights post which makes today the series’ half-year birthday or anniversary. I am finding it difficult to get over the fact that this first series that I have ever run has lasted six months. The Blogging Insights posts number twenty-six in all, but the series has actually run for longer than that. In December I put it on a two weeks ‘ hold for the Winter vacation. After the first ten posts, I did a recap where I included the links to all ten. This was for the benefit of anyone who came upon the series late and wanted a go at the previous questions. I posted the 2nd recap for the next ten posts after we had reached # 20. When I first began this series way back in October 2019, I thought I would do it for just ten episodes. However, I found that people were enjoying it so I continued. Earlier this year, I was caught up in many things and skipped a Monday of Blogging Insights. At that time I thought of discontinuing it all together as I know I was going to be just as busy for the next few months. Several of my blogging friends felt this absence and said that they had missed it. This made me feel that I must continue the series no matter how busy I may be. Thank you, my friends, for making my fledgling attempt at a blogging series a success. It is there because of all of you. 


What suggestions / tips do you have for improving/upgrading this series? Do you have any questions that you would like me to feature? 


Congratulations Tanya for reaching the half-year mark. You’ve done a wonderful job of getting a conversation started about the different aspects of blogging.

Being a blogger, one is on a constant learning curve. The writing itself evolves and changes over time. And so does our way of handling different aspects of blogging.

My suggested questions are;

How your writing has evolved over time?

How competent you have become at handling comments? The undesirable ones and the critical ones?

Have you worked out what publication schedule works for you the best?

Do you like to start conversations on your blog or do you stick to your own thing?

Do you ever write on controversial subjects or get involved in taboo topics?



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