Sunday Writing Prompt “Animal Kingdom”

Sleeping Kitten


It’s small in size but not in personality

It has the power to bring to knees even the most hardy

Though crawling is its usual mode

Sometimes it can become airborne too

Scaring the daylights of all and sundry

They say that it’s so hard to kill

That when all the world around them is dead

By the ravages of a nuclear war

These would be the only ones left to rule the earth


The challenge;

Today you have two options

You can

Write a poem or short story about an existing animal. Don’t name the animal you are writing about let us guess based on the description of the animal. Pay careful attention to the animal’s personality and mannerisms and be sure to point out any charming eccentricities!


Write a poem or story whereby you pitch an idea for a new type of animal to the Creator. Why do you believe the world would benefit from the existence of your creature? Don’t forget to describe the appearance and general temperament of your creature in detail!

In response to;

Sunday Writing Prompt- Animal kingdom



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