Sunday Sundry Thoughts and Where were you?

Kate has asked us to share;

Where were you?

Where were you the day the world stopped?  
How have you adapted? 
Do you have any idea when the restrictions will be eased?  
I don’t have a clue …

Please share your story in a post and link it here 


It’s another Sunday. The month of April coming to an end and the question looming in people’s minds; When?

When the lockdown was imposed, I was in Seattle. I have come to visit my older daughter and my grandson. It was lucky timing for me. A few days later, I wouldn’t have been able to come here.

My being with them has been a blessing for us all. I’m here to lend a hand while my daughter works on her Ph.D. thesis. I can supervise my grandson’s homeschooling, and provide moral support to her. I feel we would have worried about them if they were alone in Seattle as it was the first seriously hit place in the country.

Now I am kept quite busy with my blogging, homeschooling and my daily walks.

Saw these two having a stroll in the green area.

This guy took its time to cross the walkway.

The neighborhood kitty.

Leaf buds showing on the tree branches

How was your week?

Would you care to share what made you smile this week or made it stand out?


34 thoughts on “Sunday Sundry Thoughts and Where were you?

  1. I’m glad you’re with your daughter and grandson 🥰. The neighborhood kitty in the photo looks just like my cat Sylvester! He was the best cat, a true blessing for 20 years. Thank you for the warm memory 💝

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  2. Lovely photos! I am happy you made it to Seattle before the lock down, and I suspect your daughter is grateful for that. My daughter came for a visit and then her ticket home was cancelled. She’s still here and I am grateful for that. Like you I would have worried something terrible as she lives across the country. My week was okay, but I was officially laid off temporarily, so that, while not unexpected, was a bit distressing.

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    1. I can understand the loading a job, even temporarily must be pulling you down. Don’t worry about it now. Things sort themselves out when time comes. Enjoy the time with your daughter.

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