Riddikky 15 ninth and 31 shades of ……. Game # 2

Rory is the host of Riddikky 15 ninth …..

Season 2 – Game 2

Under New Management

Just 5 questions …..

If l said you had a beautiful body – would you ….

Hold it Against Me?

Just stare at me in horror?

Beat me around the head with your hook?

Sing me a love song?

I would think that you have the wrong prescription in your glasses!

Do you believe in Bigfoot or just Big Feet?

Big feet. Mine!

I get the 10 size in shoes and in some places/ brands, I can’t find my size.

As for stomping around creating mini earthquakes, I can do that too. And too often the poor Bigfoot gets the blame.

What starts with “e” and ends with “e” but only has one letter in it?

Eye 👁

Would you rather look like an squid, act like an octopus or live in a  crusty ocean  ?


You have to clarify;

How does an octopus 🐙 behave. Is he/ she clingy, paws around or is just plain clumsy like me. I know if I had eight arms/ legs/ limbs, I would be as clumsy as I am now.

What if everything stopped – Where would we be and what happens if we weren’t there to begin with in the first place?

By everything you mean time or earth?

If the earth stopped moving, I think we all will be flung at a tremendous speed into space. Then it really wouldn’t matter if we were there or not.

If time stopped, then I am afraid everything would stop dead.

I lied about there just being 5 ….. What’s the best thing you have ever …


In recent time; started my blog


Too many to count. You know a clumsy person can break all sorts of things.




Coffee, all sorts and colors.




12 thoughts on “Riddikky 15 ninth and 31 shades of ……. Game # 2

  1. Well done on all your answers Mrs size 10 🙂 Shweta is right – the answer was envelope, starts and ends with an e and holds a letter within – however Di [Pensitivity] and yourself went for EyE which in fact is a much better answer – so literal, very nicely done 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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