Daily Prompts- My day

As I step out for a walk, a mild zephyr enthralls me. The weather is perfect for a walk, neither too hot not cold. Clouds in the sky playing hide and seek with the sun. I am a stickler for routine and like to be done with my morning walk before I start my day. But today I slept in. It is good too, to catch up with the rest your body needs. I was apprehending the heat but was happy to see that I was not going to be vaporized in the sun. I saw a few people today, I guess it’s Sunday and they are relaxing too. A squeegee was laying partially hidden behind the garbage bins. Someone got a replacement and retired this one.

The squirrels and bunnies are getting bolder. They don’t immediately scurry away at the approach of humans. Sometimes they even stay to look me in the eyes. As if daring me to do something! But the moment I reach for my phone to take a photo, they hop away.


In response to the following prompts;




Vapor, Hedge, Heat





Discover prompt;


Word of the day Challenge;








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