Reena’s Exploration Challenge # 132

Reena is the host of Reena’s Exploration Challenge


I came across a poem by Rebecca Elson, and I reproduce the first three stanzas here


Sometimes as an antidote
To fear of death,
I eat the stars.

Those nights, lying on my back,
I suck them from the quenching dark
Til they are all, all inside me,
Pepper hot and sharp.

Sometimes, instead, I stir myself
Into a universe still young,
Still warm as blood:

Would you like to write something in a similar spirit, or just carry this ahead – in prose or poetry? Can you think of a story or anecdote or historical tale on the same theme. It should basically be a story of survival strategies.

Go where the prompt leads you.


Death stares

Trying to quell me

What is to fear I ask

Death is the reality of life

All those who are born, face the same fate

It comes at its allotted time, not a moment before

Till alive, I survive the best I can

When the time comes, there is no avoidance

I make the best of every day without fear

When the night comes, I will go without regrets




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