The Storm

First in this week, Michnavs takes us through the mind of those surviving and staying strong.


the storm that’s raging now could clear at any minute and reveal a million star sky- Michelle,
” After -Rain Skies: A Million Stars”

img_1608she wears a smile
so contagious and charming
the kind that bears true of
a heart filled
with love and compassion
he took it away
now wounded,
now torn.
abuse took her smile away
but not her soul
she’s beaten,
she’s crying,
but she’s winning.

out in the storm
in a lonely evening
fighting, thriving
for in trying
she is winning
and in pain
she is victorious
for in silence she battles
and in pain she remembers, love.

P. S.

When i saw the photo prompt of Sadje
i can’t help but remember the pain ang agony of victims of abuse and violence, they are like fighting over  a raging storm. And i read somewhere that with the current lockdown more and more women and…

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