Sunday Writing Prompt “Collage”- Memories

Collage 50

They call us dreamers, but we’re the ones that don’t sleep.” -Simone Myrie

Images Depict

Old car circa 70s, goldish brown
Candy Heart XOXO
Artistic Butterfly
Dried Rose
Bike Bell
Screw in Plank
Gas Mask in Bed of Flowers
White Stuffed Bunny

Use the collage for inspiration for a poem or story.



They jumble up my thoughts

The memories from a distant past

Like short clips of movies they run

A bright spark of color and then dark

There is no coherence no sequence

They just tumble from my thoughts

That first rose you gave me that I preserved

A candy heart to celebrate Valentine’s Day

My first car that I totaled in high school

My baby’s first stuffy that survived all those moves

The bike I rode with the neighborhood kids

All stored there, in my jumbled thoughts

But my heart trembles at that last memory

Of those days that we couldn’t step outside

Without a mask, so great was the fear

I truly want to forget the bad ones

But I would then have to give up the good ones too


In response to;

MLMM- Sunday Writing Prompt- Collage

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