Tale Weaver – #271 – Fairy Tale – What The Fairies Think

Michael is the host of Tale Weaver


This week as we continue on in our self-isolating, stay at home, consider the plight of the fairies living in or around your place.

You know where they are, in the garden, under the bed, in the kitchen cupboards but they are sure to be living happily somewhere around your place.

Write a story/fairytale in which you explore how they are reacting/coping with their human ‘friends’ being home all the time.

Please link your responses using the link below and go have fun, after all being confined as we are is trying for us all.


Staying at home and being always at home has disturbed the schedule of not only humans but of the “other” creatures too.

The fairies, pixies, and elves are inconvenienced by this virus. Now the midday peace and quiet was a thing of the past. After a hurried conference, among the elders, it was decided that the outdoor chores could be abandoned until this crisis was over. All the fairy folks were given a few new responsibilities.

They had to make more of the fairy dust. It would boost the morale of the humans and stop them from getting angry, despondent, and bored. They were also entrusted with the very important task of stopping the raised voices and angry words from reaching the ears of other humans.

It was a task most of them were unfamiliar with. But with training, most of them were up for the job. But they all were hoping for the situation to become normal again.




12 thoughts on “Tale Weaver – #271 – Fairy Tale – What The Fairies Think

  1. The more you read about all this the less understanding you have of what ‘normal’ might be in the future. Thanks for adding your thoughts this week Sadje.


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