Riddikky # 1

Rory is the host of this fantastic sounding game!

Season 2 – Game 1

Under New Management


Just 6 questions …..

Do you think more marriages means more happiness?

[Interpret as you wish]

I mean they don’t have to be your marriages, maybe there is more happiness to be had in someone else’s right? Once was enough for me but you know that’s just me….

It really depends upon the marriage. Who is married to whom. If someone wants to try to find happiness and attempts a second or third time ( when the previous attempts don’t work out) it is their right to do so. For myself, luckily the first one worked and here I am, married almost 35 years (in July this year).

In the current climate are you talking to yourself more or less … interpret as you wish, but are you talking to yourself more or less when it’s warmer or colder??

Yeah, yeah that climate not the other climate unless you do want to answer the question under that climate.

I always talk to myself, whatever the climate. Not too much and mostly in my mind. But in the exceptional situation, we find ourselves in these days, I don’t have time to talk to myself as I am busier than before. The homeschooling of my grandson takes a big chunk of my day and the rest is taken up by my blog. So instead I talk to my friends in the blogging world.

In fact, it is better than talking to oneself, because I don’t always know what they are going to say!

Do you prefer to buy your own flowers for the house/home, have someone buy them for you, steal them from the neighbours garden or sneak into the local undertakers and help yourself to the pretty bunches?

[Asking for a friend]

I think I might have ” helped myself ” in my younger days to flowers that weren’t ours, but not now. I either buy them or cut them from my garden. But usually, I buy them because I like my garden to look pretty.

Have you found yourself to be more or less reflective recently?

As in when you look into a mirror ….

Not more than I usually am. I do reflect a lot on life especially when walking out. That has stayed the same. However, the nature of my thoughts has been more profound, given the current circumstances.

The other sort of reflections are less common because there are fewer mirrors in this house!

What’s your special weird habit?

I don’t mean Monks either unless you are a Monk, then l do mean what is your weird habit … erm like?

My weird habits are; ( according to my family)

Talking to myself

Planning things way in advance

Being optimistic

When was the last time you literally woke up and smelled the coffee??

I know like what ever next ?

The last time you smelled a?


 ….. This is just the start to the season and these are easy Q’s!

Almost never as I am the first one up here. I, however, get my breakfast when everyone is up and the coffee is already brewing.

So here you go Rory. My sensible answers to your riddikky questions.


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