Blogging Insights # 24 – Advice to new bloggers

Dr. Tanya Asks:


What advice would you give someone launching their blog for the first time?

I am not a seasoned blogger and have been blogging for less than two years so I can only share my own experiences with new bloggers.

The most important thing to do when someone starts their blog is to decide the direction of it. But you have to give yourself time to see what topics and genre of literature works for you.

Be fully committed to the blog. This I think is the most important point in being a blogger. If a blogger is not committed, the chances are that they will abandon their blog within a year.

And do try to make connections in the blogging world. This is the most rewarding part of blogging. Also, ask for advice from seasoned bloggers because they are usually very helpful.

Don’t worry about the stats at all. They don’t matter. The likes, comments and follows will come in due time, if you stick to your blog.

What would you tell them to do that you were not able to do?

It was something that I struggled with initially, and I think most bloggers do, too.

Time management.

So I would tell them to be wise about using their blogging time. We all have other things to do in life, other than blogging, so divide your time judiciously and keep ahead of your commitments. This will lessen the stress most people experience when starting to blog.

Pre-scheduling some of the posts is an excellent idea.

What is something that YOU did but you would strongly tell a new blogger NOT to do?

I don’t think I wouldn’t tell them NOT to do something they feel they should.

We all need to experiment with what works with their blog and what doesn’t. I would tell them not to be afraid to experiment and try new things. Try a new genre of literature and types of fiction.

Thank you Tanya for hosting this series. I am sure it is helping us all to see our way more clearly in the blogging scenario.



28 thoughts on “Blogging Insights # 24 – Advice to new bloggers

  1. Loyalty to other bloggers is huge.
    I have people I met when I first started (11 years on WP) and we are still blogging friends. I know if no one else visits they will.
    Be yourself but you don’t need to give every detail of you in your blog.
    Be well and enjoy

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