Sunday Smiles # 3

Another Sunday, another week gone.

What made me smile this week?

I made this house with LEGO! A pirate lady drinking to the health of one of the birds from ” Angry Birds” We were having a lego building competition, I and my grandson and he won. He made ” Wall-e, Mark II !

It was fun, being a kid again.

The sunset was gorgeous last evening.

How was your week?

Did something or someone brought a smile to your face?

Please do Share.




26 thoughts on “Sunday Smiles # 3

  1. I always find something to smile about, every day. Even if it’s just one small thing. We had a really pretty sunset a couple nights ago. Today looks like rain again🙄 I think our weather & your daughter’s weather got switched. Isn’t Seattle supposed to have all the rain??😂

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  2. Oh Grandmaaaa – you overthunk it didn’t ya 🙂 You made a grandiosa Lego masterpiece and were stomped on 🙂

    Your Lego brought a smile to my face but the fact that you have showed more of your lovely personality over the last 12 months always brings a smile to my face 🙂

    Nice post Sadje 🙂

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