Topical Tropical Trinity # 5

Rory is the host of Topical Tropical Trinity

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Topical Tropical Trinity

Season 1 – Week 5

Topical Tropical Trinity questions are about your interests, your passions, your hobbies and activities and about living your life in general. 

Each weekly game will have a fixed ‘subject’ and ask you two basic questions – and one three fold question.


Today’s Questions for Topical Tropical Trinity are based on ..

“Age Old Questions”


As you have aged have you noticed that you have become more or less tolerant as a person?

Older people are more cranky! That said I am usually level headed but there are times when I am ready to blow up. You know what I find hard to swallow?

Blatant stupidity! Intentionally doing things you know are going to blow up in your face.

But as compared to my younger days, I think I am more tolerant.


As you have aged have you become more so or less so – happier?

Definitely more!

Living through the ups and downs of life, I have learned that my happiness depends on;

• Me;

No one can or should make me happy but me. I shouldn’t look towards others to be happy. It is my choice and my own frame of mind which can help me achieve this state.

• Find joy in small things;

The best way to have a good life is to be mindful of the blessings we have in our lives. And find joy and peace in them.

• Happiness is overrated;

The happily-ever-after concept has soured many lives. No one can be happy all the time. We should look for peace and contentment instead. They are better goals and more achievable.


Do you think we live in a time of ageism?

We do!

But if we don’t let the opinion of others affect us, we are good. The fact that people are drumming ready-made ideas and concepts into our minds has to be deflected. The comment, ” you don’t look your age ” or ” you should/ shouldn’t be doing this at your age ” they are rubbish and should be thrown in the bin.

Do you think that the whole ageing process is still considered a taboo subject?

There is nothing taboo about age. There are just two ways we can exist.

We can die young

Or we can live and age every day!

Do you think that as we age we become wiser or dumber?

It’s a choice!

We can do what we choose. Some people use their life experience to learn and grow wiser and some just ignore it and keep on making the same mistakes over and over again. But if it doesn’t matter to them then why should it bother us.

Live and let live!



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