Tale Weaver – #270 – Escape – 9th April

Michael is the host of Tale Weaver



I need an escape from the monotony

It’s the same, day in and day out

The uniformity has made my days

Feel the same, look the same and now

I don’t even remember which day it is

When will it all change, I ask everyone

No one has any answer to my question

But one day

One day I will escape

I will join those who are living free

I will live among my own kind

Away from this forced isolation

The Prompt;

Last week was all about confinement, this week you and your imagination can break free and ESCAPE.

As we are all living social isolation, stay at home and or whatever else they call it where you live we must by now be dreaming of escaping the confines we find ourselves in.

This week write your escape story, be it a holiday escape, going somewhere away from where you find yourself at present, be in within or without.



26 thoughts on “Tale Weaver – #270 – Escape – 9th April

  1. I love how you use a fish on Good Friday – an ancient symbol of Christianity, though I don’t know if you meant it that way. Yes, we are all getting a little tired of the monotony. But, it is Easter weekend, the season of life renewed. Please, let it be so!

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