Daily Prompts- Pairs

They come with a pair of traits

To beleaguer humanity

With arrogance and ignorance

Hand in hand they advance

Rocking the ship, challenging authority

Saying no to all the common-sense rules

Flouting the regulations and restrictions

They think that they are an island

Existing in a world of their own

They want to bend the laws to suit

Whatever plan that is in their heads

And of course, they want to have their cake and eat it too

( “They” – Are those who are not listening to the rest of us and are trying to flout the restrictions imposed on us to stay indoors)

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19 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- Pairs

  1. ha there are far too many here and have realised that anyone under 60 yo and relatively healthy think they are immune … so they are partying hard, going on holidays, etc.

    And the worst offenders here are our own police force and politicians = proof they believe they are above the law!

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      1. Thank goodness they finally got it. I hate that people had to become ill for them to realize it though. I don’t know if we will ever get it over here. PPl are begging for social distancing to be over so that the economy can reopen.

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  2. Unfortunately there is much ignoring of regulations and much bending or manipulating of laws to suit those I have to say are very selfish beings. On the plus side – there are more who are not, at least that is my observation locally.

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  3. You have that right… very nicely done Sadje! I went to pick up prescriptions yesterday and saw maybe two people with masks and others traveling in pairs and one group of three not paying attention to the “one only” rules. They, unfortunately, will learn they are not immune.

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