Blogging Insights # 23. Blogging during Pandemic

Dr Tanya Asks;


1.How has the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic affected your blogging? Are you posting more or less than you used to?

This current crisis has made me busier than usual. I am currently with my daughter and am helping her with the homeschooling of my grandkid. That activity has lessened the time I spend on writing my posts. But since I don’t go out except to walk, so the reading and commenting have increased slightly.

2.What is the tone of your posts these days, happy, sad , serious, worried?

I am an optimist person by nature and if I am not exactly happy, I still am hopeful. My posts are reflecting my mood. I am disturbed by the loss of life and health all over the world. But since worrying never helps with anything, I try to be positive, hopeful and uplifting in my writing.

3. Have you written any posts specifically about the crisis and its effect on your life? If so, please share a link?

I haven’t written any post addressing this pandemic exactly. Yet most of my poems and writing are influenced by it.

Here are a few links;

Stream of consciousness Saturday

Tale Weaver- Confinement

Fandango Provocative Question

Daily Prompts- A Message

4. What kinds of posts do you like to read these days? 

I like informative posts that provide genuine information, not the same gloom doom scenarios projected by the media these days.

Besides that, I like to read humor, thought-provoking posts and poems and something that gives us hope. Hope, to my mind is even more important now than ever before. Too much negativity and gloomy outlook have made people depressed these days.



15 thoughts on “Blogging Insights # 23. Blogging during Pandemic

  1. Wonderful post! 😀 It’s folks like you (you are unique of course and great), it’s folks like you who are upbeat and hopeful and try to see the good things still ‘out there’. You do a magnificent job of sharing that and that attitude is sorely lacking, so you are doing a big service to everyone! Thanks! 😀

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  2. You can’t help but have the current situation in the world affect your blogging. This isn’t a little two car accident by the supermarket it is hundreds of thousands dying. I guess there are some people cynical enough to not be phased by it with their hearts hardened and dried out. But I haven’t met a blogger yet that is that cold.

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