Share Your World 4-6-2020

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If we learn from our mistakes, why are we always so afraid to make them?

It is human nature to try to be perfect and making mistakes is an admission that we are not perfect. That’s why we want to avoid making mistakes. It is with living to the age of wisdom that we stop beating ourselves up on making mistakes and actually start learning from them.

How do we know that pleasure is good and pain is bad?

By experiencing them first hand. Like a baby doesn’t know that the bright colorful flame is very hot and can burn. So either some wise parental guidance or by some unfortunate accident, they find it out and are forever wary of touching the flame. The same is with pleasure.

What problem or situation did TV/movies make you think would be common, but when you grew up you found out it wasn’t?

I think it was the concept of happy families in most of the tv shows, that raised my expectations which were dashed down by reality. Siblings are often at odds with each other and the kids with parents.

If you drive, do you speed when no one is watching?   Have you ever run a red light late at night on purpose, particularly if it doesn’t seem to change very quickly?   If you don’t drive, what minor law may you have broken?

When I used to drive, I loved to listen to music and take advantage of empty roads and drive as fast as the law allowed. Intentionally I never broke the law, or drive through the red light.

What positive things are you finding to do to occupy your time right now?


I am having long walks, the weather is beautiful and very few people are around when I walk, early in the morning. It is refreshing and invigorating. And then there is homeschooling too.





32 thoughts on “Share Your World 4-6-2020

  1. Pretty pictures! 🤗
    I was just talking to Daughter last night about driving her home one night from her first job at a pizza place. About how I was so tired that I stopped at a red light, then looked both ways and drove on, like it was a stop SIGN, instead of a light🤦‍♀️ 😂
    At least I stopped, right?!🤣

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  2. Thank you Sadje for Sharing Your World! I love those little memes you’ve begun to post (bee careful for this post)…so cheerful! 🙂 Your photos are awesome and so beautiful! I love Spring the best of all the seasons, so much beauty and invigoration! Good for you for getting out and walking…good exercise but good soul renewal as well I think! I’m glad you can be with your daughter and grandchild(ren?) during this time and teaching them must be fun! Take care! 🙂

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    1. It’s always a pleasure Melanie. You’re right walking in nature is good for soul too. It’s one grandson who is here and we are managing the homeschooling well, I think.


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