What are you reading?

Rory is asking;

What Are You Reading Then?

The Book Reader’s Question

What Are Reading Then? Directory

What Motivates your eBook buying decisions?

What buyer type are you?

Decisive – Indecisive – Reticent – Hesitant – Pondering – Thoughtful – Undecided?

Mostly decisive. Sometimes I am not sure then I download a sample and see if I like it or not.

What buying decisions do you undertake when looking to purchase a new eBook? Are you influenced by any of the following and if so – which ones and why?

Positioning – from author rank to location on sales site?

Nopes, it doesn’t affect my decision.

Price – how much are you willing or do you expect to pay for an eBook or do you not buy eBooks and if so – why this option?

Definitely a factor. There are some authors I follow, so I will buy their book at whatever price. But others I will buy if it is affordable.

Description of the book content?


Book Title – does this influence you at all?

A little bit. When buying a new author’s book I download a sample first.

Cover – does it matter if the cover looks cheap, or if it is coloured or bland?

On kindle, I don’t even see the cover except for 5 seconds. So it definitely doesn’t matter.

Reviews – do you read or even leave reviews? Do you read the reviews others have left? Are you influenced by these?

If it is someone new, I do check the reviews. I always rate the book on good reads. I may have written a review or two.

Do you look for collections, or sets or are you happy with one offs?

I like series of books. One set of characters carrying one story further. I have read a lot of trilogies.

Does the length of a book bother you? Are you looking for short or long content?

It depends upon the book. If it is good, the longer the better. But if it is so-so, better be short or I might abandon it in the mid.

Author – Do you need to know the author or are you happy to go with unknowns?

I usually stick to the ones I know. That’s why I have read almost all the books by my favorite authors. In fact, I would love some suggestions for good authors. I like reading spy thrillers, historical romances, and murder mysteries.

Recommendations – if someone you know has suggested a book, do you follow that up?

I do usually. Unless I forget!

Needs met – do you only buy books to meet your needs or books that feed and fuel your desires?

Needs, desires aren’t they the same?

I don’t need books per sé, no exams to pass no one to impress. I like reading books so it will come under desire.



15 thoughts on “What are you reading?

    1. That was a great series. I read them as they came out and couldn’t wait for the release of the next book in the series. I don’t consider them a romance, but there is an underlying romance theme in each book.

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  1. I read almost anything. The one exception is Erotica. I can’t bring myself to read that. I prefer mystery/thriller/suspense and there are several authors that I follow that I get their books when they come out.

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  2. Laura Childs has a couple of murder mystery series – I’ve read most of the Tea Shop mysteries and Scrapbook mysteries. Also I like JoAnna Carl’s Chocoholic series. And one more is the Janet Evanovitch numbers series.

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