Sunday Writing Prompt “Soul Mates”


Sharon McCutcheon


What is a soul-mate?

I really don’t believe that there is just one person with whom you can fall in love. There are a number of people in the world with whom you can connect and if you are lucky, you will connect with the one who is right for you.

Many a people have fallen in love with the wrong person and have endured it because they thought they were soul- mates.

I think we fall in love or are attracted to a person initially due to their physical attributes. And with time and understanding, we develop a close and stronger bond, that of true affection.

A good partner is the one who compliments your personality. Two people in a successful relationship are never exactly same. They are in fact quite different to each other and that’s why they have a good relationship. They fit together well because they are different. In real life we seldom see love at first sight, or fairytale style, happily ever after. What we see are relationships forged with effort and determination to make them work.

It would be so much better for us all if we could come out of the story book style romances and look at life realistically.

The Prompt;

Do you have reoccurring dreams about a particular person (known or unknown)? When you think about what you are looking for in a life partner does a particular image come to mind? What characteristics are you looking for in said partner? Have you ever encountered someone and felt an instantaneous and inexplicable bond with that person reciprocated or not? What does soul mate mean to you? Do you just know where someone is/what they are doing/feeling intuitively? Have you ever felt the presence of someone who wasn’t physically in the room?

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Sunday Writing Prompt- Soul mates



23 thoughts on “Sunday Writing Prompt “Soul Mates”

  1. I also believe opposites make for healthier more balanced partnerships. Not all friction is a bad a thing. It inspires growth. I am both a romantic and a realist. Like you I believe that in this world there must be multiple individuals with whom I could have a rewarding, loving, and healthy relationship. Like you I believe that all relationships take effort. I don’t believe in perfect. So I do not think there exists conflict free relationships. I do, however, believe that sometimes people connect more quickly or experience a special and/or deeper bond with certain individuals. Love and sexual attraction aside sometimes you meet someone and get on so well that you become fast friends. I do believe relationships deepen with time. I do believe getting to know someone is a lifelong process because people grow and change. But I also believe that the level of trust and authenticity we are able to give in the early stages of a relationship can affect the timelines as much or even more than purely physical attraction. I can say for myself a person’s appearance is affected strongly by their personality. So I can think someone is gorgeous at a distance but if in talking to them we don’t click that attraction fades pretty fast. The opposite is also true. Basically I do believe in “magic” or that reality can be a miraculous and magical experience but I also believe that we are individually responsible for our happiness and that we have to value ourselves and our well-being and we should never look to another person to fix us (we are not broken anyhow). That said the acceptance/support of a loving partner can go a long way! I do believe in following one’s intuition. There is something said for that. I also believe that you can have a beautiful, rewarding relationship that does not last your whole life. Two people can grow apart and there is no reason to villainize one another when that happens. Just be grateful you found each other at all because surely each relationship has something to teach.

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    1. You have said it so well. If we start a relationship with our feet firmly planted in realistic expectations, things go better. It is the falseness of our hopes that dome a relationship even before it starts. Thanks for sharing your thoughts

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