I Died a Sudden Death

First in this week, Michnavs’s response to the prompt,
What do you see;


i used to be the only one
people are usually afraid of
i carry on with me for centuries
viruses that kill
hundreds of people
children and old alike
rich or poor
science has found a cure
for one of the viruses i carried
but little did they know
i was up for another yet stronger
and more potent one

But I, am saddened by the turn of events recently

I drive people crazy
they put all sorts of protective device
and prevent me from entering their homes
and invade their privacy and goodnight sleep, but i still made my way through
it made them even nuts
imagine seeing them applying all kinds of chemicals unto their bodies
believing i’d be driven away?
ahhh it made me the happiest
little monster of all times

But I, again am saddened by the turn of events recently

in just a snap of…

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