Daily Prompts- A portrait

I want to show you a portrait

A loud raucous person, not liked by many

He is distant, and not very clever either

Always ready to shout at anyone

Who dared interfere with his humdrum life

Why is he so hostile I always ask

Is there a reason behind his prickly exterior

One day someone who knew him in the past

Told me his life story which was quite sad

He used to be pleasant and nice before

His illness and loss of job turned him sour

The memories of his past play on his mind

He fights with people to show his frustration

No dish is to his liking, no gift is acceptable

He just wants his old life back which isn’t possible

Before we judge them, let’s try to find the hurts

That turn good, kind people into villains


In response to the following prompts:




Pack, Memory, Humdrum





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