Daily Prompts – Aspirations

What do you aspire to?

Become a hero and rescue others in distress

Or be the lone shark in the sea, terrorizing

It is our choice which side of the street we walk on

We could be the kind champions, encouraging people

Or vile villains trying to tear them down

Tonight or tomorrow we need to decide

Chalk out a path for our future

Can we be better than what we are now

Could we improve our character and nature

A vital question that we need to ponder

In response to the following prompts;




Lone, Estuary, Reed





Discover prompt;


Word of the day Challenge;








21 thoughts on “Daily Prompts – Aspirations

  1. good point Sadje, this pandemic has made people re-think a lot of things in their lives. where they were, are now and also headed to. choices become less selfish I hope.

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