MLMM-Wordle #183- On a drive

Wordle 183

1. Amazing✔️
2. Berry✔️
3. Ask✔️
4. Drive✔️
5. Pout✔️
6. Year✔️
7. Watch✔️
8. Apoplectic- extremely angry; furious✔️

10. Sweep✔️
11. Mortal✔️
12. Cut Off✔️


Oh, dear! Don’t pout, but look out the window. Look at these strawberry plants. They look so amazing, with the ripe berries on them. Look we are out for a drive because we don’t want to feel cut-off from the world. Watch the lovely fields go by. You always ask me to take you out at this time of the year to see the flowers blooming. Now we have time to do that. Look how the sunshine is sweeping over the green trees. Don’t be apoplectic at this enforced isolation and look beyond the mortal danger to the opportunity we are given to spend time together as a family!


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MLMM- Wordle # 183




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