Daily Prompts – A message

Notice the eerie silent days and evenings

Oh, I get it

No noise from the cars zooming, roaring

No engines of machinery running

It feels that we are living in the pages of a book

The work of fiction brought to fore the ills

To which human society can succumb when in fear

We need an impetus to open our minds and really see

This crisis is teaching us lessons too precious to ignore

This is an important time for mankind to pay heed

The use of resources given to us must be corrected

The concerns of humanity should be put ahead

Then those of individuals and countries

We will recover our buoyancy, have no doubt

But we need to stand together before we get there

It’s time for the brave hearts to conquer the fear

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Silent, Eerie, Evening





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Today’s prompt: “Brave heart(s)

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Tuesday Writing Prompt







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