Daily Prompts- Make a joke

The first day of April brings memories

Of playing pranks, practical jokes, and tricks

Am I too old now for doing this, I ask

Or the mood is too somber to do it anyway

Let’s not break the infrangible traditions

Let’s find a victim to play a lark on

But it will have to be from a safe distance

We can pretend we’re ghosting someone as a joke

A prank done online, or maybe a message

Published to evoke some smiles

Let’s do this, just to make people smile

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Prank, Lark, Joke





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14 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- Make a joke

  1. I was reminded of a prank me and my sister pulled on my Dad. My sister found a food site that actually had a peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwich and emailed it to me, it took me back. Dad hated mayo. He ate almost half of the PB & M sandwich before I couldn’t keep from laughing. Good memories.

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