Daily Prompts- A fantasy

This would be my best fantasy fulfilled

Cakes, rock buns, sandwiches, and tea

Some might say that I aim low

That food shouldn’t be something to dream about

But for someone who has been at war

All their adult life, trying to vanquish

The enemy that is obesity and overweight

It is one thought foremost in my mind

If someone invented calorie-free goodies

How wonderful it would be for people like me

To eat till we couldn’t eat anymore

But to still weight the same as before


I should stop being a ninnyhammer

As this dream is not going to come true

Let’s go out for a walk and try to shed

These unwanted pounds and get healthy

From my evening walk, yesterday! There was a light drizzle and there looked magnificent in the fading sunlight.

In response to the following prompts;




Cake, Buns, Rock





Word of the day Challenge;








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