Daily Prompts- Confessions

I need to confess something here

I tried to buy all the toilet paper in the store

I was grabbing a cartload when I was told to stop

I tried to parlay with the store clerk

But he told me I am allowed just one pack

The rest should be left for others in need

I raised my fist in anger, What do I care

If others don’t have any, they can then

Come to the store and hunt for them

The fellow gave me a quizzical look

He was sure I had lost my sanity

He showed me a copy of the notice on all aisles

Telling shoppers to be mindful of others while shopping

Shamefaced I walked out of the store empty handed

And went into another to buy some more


( I fail to understand why people are hoarding TP. There was always enough for everyone before this crisis )

In response to the following prompts;




Dust, Fist, Bootee





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16 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- Confessions

  1. Yeah, I’m still trying to figure it out myself. Even when I was trying to stock up on Ben’s stuff, I didnt take everything on the shelf. I left some for other people and hoped there would be more when I ran out.
    Cool Bitmoji!

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  2. This whole TP thing is insanity. I can’t find any in the stores around me so I ordered some on Amazon yesterday and just got notified that it’s on back order and won’t be delivered until between April 17 and May 8. Sheesh!

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  3. A big part of it were the stores not reacting quickly enough and putting up limits on purchases. Granted, if the selfish people had not been hoarding then it wouldn’t have been necessary. It is just insanity.

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    1. Exactly! Well I think the hoarders have reached their limit and slowly things are reappearing in stores. But humans have shown an unfortunate side to their personalities.

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