MLMM-Wordle #182- Sushi?

Word Art (6)

1. Sheets✔️
2. Slung✔️
3. Fly✔️
4. Omophagous- the eating of raw food, especially raw meat.✔️
5. Inside✔️
6. Blue✔️
7. Incomprehensible✔️
8. Conquer✔️
9. Horizon✔️
10. Indentations✔️
11. Understand✔️
12. Trust✔️


I can understand most eating habits but I cannot understand omophagous! Why crunch on something that is raw. It is incomprehensible to me. Yes, I am talking about sushi. The raw fish wrapped in sheets of seaweed. Though the rice inside is cooked, the fish is mostly raw. I turn blue in the face by the mere idea. And I do trust my instincts when I cannot conquer my aversion to this food even when I try. I think it’s not good for me that’s why there is no hope on the horizon that I would succumb to peer pressure and taste it. It would be like flying to the moon or counting the indentations on the north coast. So I disregard the censure slung down on me!

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MLMM-Wordle # 182

16 thoughts on “MLMM-Wordle #182- Sushi?

  1. I have only had cooked sushi.., afraid to try the “real” stuff. What I have had so far has been good. Once again you have done a wonderful job with all the words. You are the master! 😁

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