MLMM- Photo Challenge #308

Nekneeraj is the host of Photo Challenge

drawing of a skull

Photo by Matt Fernandes on Pexels.


Matt looked at his creation and smiled. This will do the trick. The lucky break he was waiting for will finally happen.

He called his teenage son to come quickly to the lounge. Jeff was just pretending to study and was glad to get out of his room.

“What is it dad?”

“Take a look at this. I have just tested out and I think it works”

“Is this the game you were working on?”

“Yes! Can you play it and see how it works. I’d be interested to know what you think of the graphics”

Jeff started the game and soon the room was echoing with the sound of gunfire and laser blasts. It took him an hour to analyze the game, fully.

He turned to his dad, excitement shining in his eyes.

“Can I show this game to my friend? This is mag!”

Matt was satisfied that his game would be a hit. His son was his harshest critic and if he liked the game he was sure that his target audience of 12 to 16-year-olds would too.




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