Is it a bad habit or not?

Rory is asking us;

What are our good and bad habits?

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That’s a bad habit ….. or is it?

To start off, let’s do bad habits.

• I love food. So whenever I feel stressed, I overeat. I am trying to break this habit by thinking what eating in between meals would do to my blood sugar levels. It’s an ongoing challenge.

• I am lazy at times. When I could be tidying up, reorganizing and doing other useful stuff, I procrastinate. It is a hard habit to break. But when I have to finish a job in hurry, it all gets done.

• Too trusting. I trust other too easily. I take them at their word and when they prove untrustworthy, I feel bad.

• Too impulse. I make snap decisions and often live to regret them. Most of my impulsiveness comes out when I see something and buy it. Only to regret it later.

• I cannot lie. I cannot convincingly tell a white lie. Somehow or the other the truth just comes out. Some may say it is a good habit but we all know that we have to tell little white lies to keep peace.

• I want things to be planned way in advance. I would start thinking about dinner after breakfast. It irritates people around me, but I like to do things in my own time and at my own pace. So I am not very spontaneous.

Good habits;

I take several walks daily and try to eat nothing in between the meals. I am staying consistent with my healthy eating and am slooooowly losing weight.

• I look at the bright side of life and see the glass half full. I really love this habit of mine.

• I like reading about new things and am open to new ideas.

• I am a peaceful person. I hate to pick fights or arguments with others. The only time I speak up is when someone is being unfair to others. Then I put my peaceful nature on the side and jump in.

• I love food. This is both a good habit and a bad one. On it’s good side, one can be cheered by food. It lifts the mood from crabby to happy in one meal.

• I love writing and blogging. I can keep myself busy and be happy with my own company for hours. This is quite a blessing in today’s world.

So this is me. What are your good and bad habits?

Do Share.


14 thoughts on “Is it a bad habit or not?

  1. Hey Sadje, very nicely and honestly answered – way to go on the weight loss – excellent news 🙂 The ability to occupy your time is indeed a solid habit to have during times like today 🙂

    Thanks for taking the time to tell us all 🙂


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