What’s Your Story Then # 12

Rory is the host of What’s Your Story Then

What’s Your Story Then?

Series 1 – Game 12 – 22/03/2020


Word Story – What’s Your Story Then? Created by A Guy Called Bloke

Weekly Writing Prompt

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Word Story

What’s Your Story Then?

Word Story is simplicity itself … with a twist!

All you need to do is write a piece of flash fiction of no more than 300 words on the Prompt of the Day  using words you create from the Words of the Day!

Word of the Day


Prompt of the Day

[The] Games People Play

M TileA TileY TileA TileP TileP TileL TileE TileS Tile


Apple, maple, laps, pale, peal, may, pale, sap, pep, yelps,


Ann’s birthday was on May 12th. And she wanted to invite all her friends from school. There were to be games like apple bobbing, pin the tail and musical chairs.

All arrangements were made outdoors to fit in 12-15 kids. They all had great fun, till the sap from the maple tree started dripping over them. There were yelps of annoyance from both the kids and adults alike. The pale liquid was sticky and ruined their clothes. But Ann emitted a loud peal of laughter and started doing laps around the yard. Her pep and joy invigorated other kids and they had a fantastic time at the party. It’s true that the outcome of what life dishes out to us, is totally dependent upon our attitude.




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