Blogging Insights # 21- Optimum Posting days and time

Dr Tanya asks;


How frequently do you post on your blog?

Usually, I post 4-5 times a day. It is something I am seriously thinking about cutting down on but somehow I keep on posting at least 4 posts a day. It’s a hard habit to break. And there are so many interesting prompts that it’s hard to resist.

Do you believe there are optimum posting times and days?

I am sure there are. But it differs from blogger to blogger. It all depends on where your readers/ followers are in the world and what sort of interest they have. It also depends upon the type of blog one is writing. So there is no fixed optimum time for all bloggers.

As for days, I think Monday is a good day for Prompts. Quite a few bloggers post their prompts on Monday. I find Sunday a relatively free day and I think if a weekly prompt is posted on Sunday, it can generate interest.

Do you like to schedule your posts in advance? How many posts and how far ahead do you usually schedule?

Like you, I too love this feature of WordPress. I pre-schedule my posts for at least one day, and sometimes a couple of days. If I know that I am going to be busy, I schedule a few posts for the days I would be too busy to write. For my prompt post, What do you see, I usually schedule posts for a couple of weeks in advance.




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