Daily Prompts- Mortal Danger

Recent events have shown that we are totally unprepared for what we face today: the ability to care for others as we fear for our health.

Why is this so?

During the course of events in the last few weeks, we have seen the evidence of a lack of care and concern for others by the collective “we”!

This occasion should have given us a reason to show how we can collaborate with each other to establish a system where we all were amply provided with essentials of life, like food, medicines and, yes toilet paper.

But what do we see?

We see panic buying, hoarding, and profiteering. People are trying to accumulate so much that they haven’t left enough for those who haven’t jumped on this wagon. What are they afraid of?

There is not even a remote chance of famine, so why hoard food for weeks or even months?

If we had behaved in a responsible manner with a thought toward the welfare of others, there would have been enough for all of us. Now we see shortages of things like pain relievers like Tylenol and Advil. We see people fighting over cans of beans and rolls of toilet paper. Are we this petty?

The lesson we can learn from this current situation is that the mortal danger we are in is not really the threat of the disease but the threat that we are losing our humanity!

Written from my heart, and also in response to the following prompts;




Write, Occasion, Afraid





Word of the day Challenge;








16 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- Mortal Danger

  1. You are so right Sadje. The panic buyer is selfish, thoughtless and inconsiderate. Caring society? Our elderly, the housebound, disabled, confused, anxious, some terrified at the situation. No-one could have anticipated this.
    Stay safe everyone.

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