Daily Prompts- Be patient

Before quietus claims me for its own

Hold my hand for a while and listen to my heart

I want to tell you all that I think and wonder about

I have to speak a few truths which I’ve hidden

Even from myself in evasion and self-deception

Listen to me so that I can salvage the truth

The fact that I have lied to you, has to be faced

That my love for you was greater than the love I had

For my own self, was the truth I always tried to hide

I was selfish in love because I feared losing you

So I held you too close to my heart, didn’t set you free

And now you are so attached to me that you cannot

Venture out on your own without me by your side

So be patient my love and be brave to face the world

Don’t panic for death comes to us all who live

It’s as big a part of our lives as birth


In response to the following prompts;




Panic, Punch, Shop


Hold my hand

Word of the day Challenge;







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