MLMM- Wordle #181

Wordle 181

1. Hypethral- adjective wholly or partly open to the sky, especially of a classical building; having no roof.✔️
2. 1980✔️
3. Intensity✔️
4. Shoulder✔️
5. Tap✔️
6. Tongue✔️
7. Soft✔️
8. Realize✔️
9. Sunlight✔️
10. Draw✔️
11. Leverage✔️
12. Scratch✔️

The hypethral style of construction was again coming back into vogue. The last building he had designed like this was way back in 1980. Well, it would be a challenge to make a structure with half of it open to the sunlight but he was on the top of his profession and he would show them how it was done. Squaring his shoulders, he took out his pad to make a rough drawing of it. But he soon realized that to get the angles right, he would have to tap into the resources of his assistant, Jeff. He entered Jeff’s office and with a soft touch on his arm explained to him what was required. Jeff scratched his head in a clueless gesture but was persuaded to give it some thought. The leverage worked as did the smooth-tongued compliments. Soon his intensity of purpose was rewarded with the contract being awarded to his firm.

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MLMM- Wordle # 181




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