Daily Prompts- A Quest

Armed with a load of money

I have ventured out on a dangerous quest

I will fight the unruly mobs

And maybe have a quick brush with death too

My mission, which I choose to accept

Is to get a few groceries for ourselves

It is difficult to navigate the aisles of the store

I am trying to keep calm and breath normally

The store manager is in her cabin, watching

The mayhem continuing in her domain

Pushing and pulling and trying to get all

Toilet paper is the most coveted possession here

It’s a mad mad world out there you all

Keep safe and don’t venture out if can be avoided

In response to the following prompts;


Unruly, Quick, Brush





Word of the day Challenge;










34 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- A Quest

  1. so much truth Sadje………..I had to get out last night and get a few things at a drug store. I watched a guy walk in, shove a bunch of stuff down his coat and walk very quickly out. It was pretty surreal…….

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  2. What is it with the toilet paper? Our shelves are empty too…. I did my weekly shopping yesterday as always, and got everything on my humble list without a problem. Everything that is accept toilet paper which I actually need.

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  3. We did our weekly shopping on Sunday and there was a lot that was out. We were still able to get most things. Did have to settle for rye bread instead of wheat, but that is ok. I just hope the numbers don’t end up as bad here as they are in other countries. Stay safe Sadje!


      1. Numbers are going up just like in every country but in very small numbers, thank god! This is a pandemic which means, we are fighting this together as one country. I just hoped that Ireland wouldn’t have taken so long to lock down; I don’t understand why these politicians need to descuss the next step when there is a protocal for pandemics. I’ve been watching the numbers go up in Ireland, and more worried about that than anything going on in my country. You keep yourself and loved ones safe now…do everything possible XXX

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