MLMM- Tale Weaver – #266 – Backbone – 12th March

Michael is the host of Tale Weaver.


This week consider what ‘backbone’ means to you. Some people are said to illustrate backbone in making tough decisions.

You could make reference to the literal meaning, the bone that helps you stand straight.


“What is the difference between you and an insect?” she asked, disdain in her face and voice.

There was silence, no rebuttal or angry retort from the fourteen-year-old stepdaughter. The woman got even more inflamed by her apparent lack of interest.

“I am talking to you. Don’t you have anything to say? Why everyone can walk all over you and you let them?”

The girl smiled in a serene manner. But she still kept quiet. The woman had had enough of her indifference and stomped away in anger. Secretly she was amazed at the control that fourteen years old had on her emotions, but her mean nature made her prod and try to provoke her again and again.

As the door banged behind her, the girl straightened her posture and walked to her room. Wise beyond her years, she knew when to stand up for herself and when to ignore the minor irritations. She still remembered the words of her mother, “Those who don’t learn to bend can often be broken!”




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