Daily Prompts- Think something different

The scare is on everyone’s mind

There is a concern for health and well-being

For us and all those we love and those around us

People are trying to isolate their families

And are unhappy because it’s so much bother

The food, the toiletries, and other essentials

All in high demand and low on supply

We judge harshly when someone loads

Their carts of all they can get their hands on

And yet when given the chance, we do it too

So here’s a thought to bring some cheer your way

Look around you and the real world hasn’t changed

The little buds are blooming, tiny leaves erupting

Furry critters going about their business as usual

See them and get hope and optimism

Life hasn’t changed but we are

Looking at things in a fearful and furtive way

Lighten up and be happy as we are alive today

I’m tagging you all to receive bucketful of happy thoughts

Yesterday I came across this little guy/ gal as it was nibbling on an apple core.

In response to the following prompts;


Unhappy, Concern, Daily





Word of the day Challenge;







32 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- Think something different

    1. Take care Angie. Here the schools are closed till end April. I’ve started a home school routine with my grandson. But he wants to go out and play with his friend. He is bored already.

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  1. I join you in this disquieting feeling of panic that is being unduly thrust upon us. If simple things like washing our hands will save us, I beg to wonder what that says about us as a people. I understand the basics of erring on the side of caution, I just wonder about the tactics being employed…

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    1. I agree Violet. They have generated such a lot of fear and panic that now we don’t even go out of the house unless there is no other option. I hope things get back to boring and normal sooner rather than later.


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