Blogging Insights # 20- The long and short of it!

Dr. Tanya asks;

The blogosphere remains in constant flux, changing shape and form according to the needs and desires of readers and writers. Hence any rules or norms that govern it are pretty flexible too.

This is true of the length of posts or content. Post length is arbitrarily divided into short form and long form content.

Short form posts are approximately 300 to 400 words, can be read in about two minutes and do not usually require a lot of critical thinking to assimilate.

Long form content is, loosely defined , a piece of writing more than 1000 words, some say not less than 2000 but again the criteria are arbitrary. It is a popular notion that the search engines prefer longer posts.


My Questions

1. Do you prefer writing long form or short form content?

I prefer short posts. They could be a few words of poetry or a couple of paragraphs of prose. Writing long posts requires a lot of time and as I am posting 3-4 times a day, shorter posts are more my thing.

2. How long, in your opinion, is the ideal blog post?

It really depends on what one is looking for. If I want detailed information, the post or the article has to be long enough to provide that information. If it is entertainment then any length that does the job without dragging is ideal. Typically, posts that carry information about physical and mental health or those related to DIY projects are by the mere nature of the topic, long. Poems, on the other hand, are short content.

3. What do you prefer reading, shorter or longer posts?

I am mostly pressed for time so a short post, carrying its message loud and clear is my preference. But if I want details, a long post will supply those. So my preference changes according to the type of subject the post is dealing with.

4. What are the topics on which you would like to read longer posts (say, more than 1000 words)?

As I said earlier, physical and mental health topics are those which usually need more length. And so do the informative types of posts. But the post should not be repetitive or too verbose. In today’s world, time is usually much in demand and short on supply so it is better that people write posts/ stories and poems which are just the right length for the greatest impact.

Thank you, Dr. Tanya. Great questions this week.




9 thoughts on “Blogging Insights # 20- The long and short of it!

        1. You’re most welcome. Don’t give up. If you’re running out of questions, you can ask for blogger contributions via comments.
          It’s a brilliant series. ❤️💖

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