Tale Weaver # 265 & Daily Prompts- Something light

Michael is the host of Tale Weaver.


This week something different. Write your response to the topic, “Library of the Imagination”. What creative response can you make to this prompt?


Sometimes you have to be light hearted

A bit whimsical perhaps, to lift the mood

Too much ceremony and pomp can be suffocating

Throw the rulebook to the wind and break free

It’s a cinch if you put your mind to it

To capture the spirit of frivolity

Just cross that invisible line holding you back

Step into the rabbit hole, and look in

There is a whole world that is fantastic

Behind the looking glass all in inverse

Open your heart to the impossible

And viola!

You will find that it is all there

The wonderful treasure hidden in the library of imagination

In response to the following prompts;




Biscuit, First, Cross





Word of the day Challenge;


Tale Weaver;

The library of imagination







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