MLMM- Wordle #179

Word Art (5)

1. Bad✔️
2. Turn✔️
3. Cry✔️
4. Learn✔️
5. Thersitical- scurrilous; foulmouthed; grossly abusive.✔️
6. Ropes✔️
7. Flail✔️
8. Half✔️
9. Trade✔️
10. Distance✔️
11. Fantasy✔️
12. Purchase✔️


Flailing in a sea of thersitical language

I try to distance myself from this bad company

It’s not my fantasy, I learn as I turn around to see

The language of the trade I am in is just so

No use crying on the choice I’ve made

Better learn the ropes and get out of here fast

Purchase the ticket for a ship out of the yard

Half a Penny is better than no penny at all





In response to;

MLMM- Wordle # 179

8 thoughts on “MLMM- Wordle #179

    1. Hey Richard, this is a weekly prompt given to us by a blogger. You will find the link when you see the “ in response to “ at the bottom of the post. It is a great way to put your mind and imagination to work.

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