Daily Prompts- Details

My memory is hazy sometimes and I forget details

Don’t give me that snooty look, it happens to us all

Once I was quick and alert too, way back when young

Now I have to exert and push my mind to remember

Once it was smooth sailing when everything was a snap

Now it takes an effort but I am happy I can still manage

So be a good sport and lend a hand

Can you find my list where I jotted all the details?

In response to the following prompts;




Sport, Hook, Canvas





Word of the day Challenge;








30 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- Details

      1. I have been offline since January 24th. My roommate and I developed sever bronchitis that teetered on pneumonia. We still are still trying to get rid of it.
        Other than that, I’ve been crocheting and doing a lot of research on North Carolina. We plan on moving the beginning of next year.
        I did come across e-mails when I was cleaning out my emails, but it seemed so old, I had just figured I would be back here really soon. That was three-four weeks ago. I’m so sorry.
        I do plan on coming back, but it may take another couple of weeks becaue I’m trying to finih this gift I’m making by Easter.
        I sincerely miss everyone so much, but when I was really sick I had absolutely no energy level. It’s slowly coming back though. 😘

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