MLMM- Wordle #169

Word Art (4)

1. Hoist✔️
2. Phronesis- wisdom in determining ends and the means of attaining them.✔️
3. Blink✔️
4. Smelly✔️
5. Eyes✔️
6. Shrink✔️
7. Baffle✔️
8. Feather✔️
9. Various✔️
10. Bite✔️
11. Source✔️
12. Parade✔️


The Kite blinked his eyes and his feathers were ruffled by the smelly bag lying near the tree he was perched on. Various possibilities went through his mind. The source of the stench could be a dead animal or some rotting trash not disposed of properly. The phronesis of why it was so, eluded him completely, he was a bird after all. Not one to shrink from the unpleasant, he decided to take a bite and then make his judgment. He hoisted the bag up and tore it to see what it offered. He was baffled by finding a lot of green weeds inside it. Then he thought the weed might have something to do with the parade of young people in the neighborhood after dark.


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