Daily Prompts- The competition

The freestyle writing competition gave them the option of choosing their genre and topics. Amanda wanted to win the praise of her mentor and teacher Mrs. Clarke. She also wanted her be proud of her achievements. She was after all one of the few students that were chosen for this competition, which was held once a year. The aim was to select those who had an aptitude for writing and expressing themselves well in written word. Amanda didn’t worry her head about winning the cash prize. She was confident that she would be declared the winner.

When the results were announced, she got an unpleasant shock. The class nerd, Tony was declared the writer and was given the cash prize of a hundred dollars. He had chosen a very ordinary topic to write about, “the value of hard work in day to day life”


In response to the following prompts;




Head, Cash, Worry





Word of the day Challenge;








24 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- The competition

  1. This story is really interesting because it is simple storyline, some might say too common, and predictable, but despite all this it made me think harder than a lot of other more unique short stories I’ve heard. Great story!

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