Daily Prompts- Opportunities or Challenges ?

I would love to forget

The problems that I face

To free my mind from the burden

To cleanse it of the debris

Or I hope to get an epiphany

A way to solve all that is causing

My brain to fume in fury, in chagrin

But since neither is forthcoming, I need to

Change my perception and see my problems

Not as challenges but as opportunities

To do better in life, to achieve something more

Something out of the ordinary, something remarkable

In response to the following prompts;




Tulip, Free, Mud





Word of the day Challenge;








18 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- Opportunities or Challenges ?

  1. As I read this I reflected on this moment in my life in which the only problem I face is an inordinate desire to eat all the wrong things. How did I ever get this lucky? Certainly not by living right….. Very thought provoking piece to me Sadje.

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