Blogging Insights # 18- Do you have a niche?

Dr. Tanya asks;


Do you have a niche for your blog If so tell us more about it. (ignore the rest of the questions).

When I started my blog I had decided that I would write about the issues women face after the age of fifty! Physical health, mental health, and social issues.

I also wanted to write about diet and weight loss. It is a big thing with me and I have spent more than half my life trying to lose weight.

But all these decisions are now on hold. I am doing a lot of writing but not only on the topics, but I had also initially decided on. I am writing on a number of other topics, doing prompts, both words and pictures, and writing stories too! I may come back to my original idea but not yet.

Have you ever thought of niche-ing down and why?

I think I have answered this one in the first question. I may do this sometime in the future. Or I may write more of my niche subject along with what I am writing now. It’s all in the air at the moment.

What are the topics you like to write about?

I love writing about life! That is a broad topic. But then it is the most versatile one. I like sharing my point of view on different aspects of life, the way we think and the way we react.

Food, diet, and health are also my favorite subjects to write about. I also do all types of prompts, which give a lot of variety to my writing.

If you chose just one as your niche, how much would you miss writing about the others?

I really would miss the prompts that I do. So I won’t give up on those, even if I do start writing more on my niche topics.

I think a niche is much more important in a blog if you’re making money off your blog. It helps attract the type of readers and followers who are willing to invest in your blog. But if your blog is for your own entertainment and satisfaction, it really doesn’t need to be on a specific topic.




15 thoughts on “Blogging Insights # 18- Do you have a niche?

  1. My ‘niche’ is basically ‘Angie’s Life’๐Ÿคท๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ I think you’re right about only doing one topic for business. Or maybe if it’s like poetry or photography or cooking, but there are SO many of those…

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