Thursday Photo Prompt- Storm # WritePhoto

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Welcome to this week’s writephoto prompt.#writephoto

This week’s prompt ~ Storm

(For visually challenged writers, the image shows stormy sky above a ruined tower, perched above earthen banks and ditches )


We fear the ferocity of the storm about to break

Making sure that all safety precautions are taken

Little do we understand that nature needs them

To reset the balance of things that is tipped by

The miscalculated actions we take each and every day

Nature is not the enemy but, alas we are ourselves

The ones who need to be stopped are the humans

Sooner rather than later before some drastic steps

Have to be taken by Mother Nature to preserve

The integrity of the only place we call home!




30 thoughts on “Thursday Photo Prompt- Storm # WritePhoto

  1. Very well written and you got your point across very well obviously, and I was having a happy day prepared to eat dinner and then go to sleep and you now want me to go to sleep after reading this? Now I´m scared, your fault if I get late to work tomorrow. I´ll just point to your blog and tell the boss is was Sadje´s fault not mine. I can get away with that one….
    Very good poem and the message inside it

    Liked by 1 person

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