Daily Prompts – Isolated Incident

How quick we are to form opinions

One isolated incident is enough for us

Generalizations and sweeping statements are a rule

Not the exception with most people

Why should we debate a point when we’ve already

Formed our opinion, made a judgment

Waiting and giving a decent chance is not our way

We don’t pamper the guilty with a fair trial

We condemn them like an errant spouse, who

Fails to do one task assigned to them

And would never hear the end of it

But see how quickly Tale turn

When we are facing the same situation

Now we are raising the voice, standing up

Do listen to our story without quick condemnation

Don’t you judge me on one isolated incident!




Chocolate, Isolated, Spouse





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29 thoughts on “Daily Prompts – Isolated Incident

  1. Nicely conceived and well written. I wonder sometimes if some of our jumps to judgment are not closely related to the influence of organized religion, particularly Christianity who I tend to perceive as the planter of that seed.

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